Alternatives to "Resting Bitch Face"

On McSweeney's, Susan Harlan rounds up some less-objectionable alternatives we can use to describe so-called "Resting Bitch Face," such as "Yes I Really Do Just Want to Sit Here and Read My Book Unmolested Face."

Thanks For Behaving So Predictably Badly Face

Stop Looking At the Clock While I'm Talking Face

This is All a Bunch of Bureaucratic Nonsense Face

You Haven't Told Me Anything That I Didn't Already Know Face

I Would Prefer Not to Face

A Smidge of Self-Awareness Would Not Go Amiss Face

The Situations Are Really Not Analogous Face

Please Tip a Bottle of Bourbon Down My Throat Immediately Face


[Susan Harlan/McSweeney's]

(via Geek Feminism)

(Image: Bette Davis, The Little Foxes)