Save 96% on the Python Programming Bootcamp bundle

How do Google and YouTube really work? It turns out, Python kind of runs things around those parts. And with this bootcamp, you’ll get whipped into shape and ready to start programming yourself. Whether you’re a Python pro and just want to sharpen your skills, or a total tech newbie with little or no coding experience, this pack of courses that’s now 96% off will walk you through the Python maze from the basics to expert level. Hope you’re not afraid of snakes.

There are six courses here that together offer over fifty hours of instruction. There’s a network programming class that will teach you to build seven apps like a subnet calculator, even use a SSH or Telnet, or a DHCP client stimulator. The step by step Python coding guide will show you how to install the software on any operating system and how to work with data types including strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, booleans and more. The Python for Offensive PenTest course will show you how to create your own tools using unlimited third party libraries to get the job done with just a few lines. There’s even a course on analytics, machine learning and NLP in Python.

You’ll learn at your own pace, on your own time, giving you a flexible schedule to absorb the content specifically tuned to your learning style. For 96% off today you’ll get access to dozens of hours of content that you can watch and revisit as many times as you need, with hands on, interactive learning and quizzes so you’ll get a true feel for Python. Check out the link below for even more details.

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