Who funds the "Millennials Rising" Super PAC? Rich old men.

They started as "Millennials for Jeb" and now they're called "Millennials Rising," but since the beginning, the dark-money-spouting Super PAC has been 95% funded by rich white guys over the age of 60.

They make a great ally to the Black Americans for a Better Future Super PAC, which is also entirely funded by rich old white guys.

Boy, those rich old white guys sure are filled with empathy for other kinds of people.

The twitter account of Millennials Rising describes Millennials Rising as "started and run by Millennials." Its website calls for "limited government" and simultaneously decries both the national debt and taxes as too high.

Four other non-millennials have donated to Millennials Rising, three of whom are listed in FEC filings as "retired":

• Harry McMahon, 61, gave $1,000. McMahon was an investment banker with Merrill Lynch for three decades until he resigned last year.

• George Thompson, 71 years old and retired, gave $300.

• Daniel Hillman, 58 years old and retired, donated $250.

• Richard Agnew, 64, donated $750. Agnew is chairman of Van Ness Feldman, a large Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in the energy sector.

"Millennials Rising" Super PAC Is 95% Funded by Old Men
[Jon Schwarz/The Intercept]