Listen: Chelsea Manning speaks to Amnesty International's podcast

Chelsea Manning appears in the current episode of Amnesty International's "In Their Own Words" podcast, voiced by actor Michelle Hendley.

Chelsea tells us, "The awesome thing about this podcast is that Michelle Hendley speaks in my
own voice, telling my story and memories in my own words and in my own
style. It's the closest thing to actually interviewing me as we could
possibly get, given the rules of the prison. I was able to listen to it on
the phone by having it played from laptop speakers into a friend's cell
phone, and I think she sounds like me."

At Amnesty, we're calling on US authorities to free Chelsea immediately.

She is spending decades in prison because she shared information that she thought could shed a light on potential abuses and prompt meaningful public debate on the conflict. Prevented from using this in her defence at her tribunal and overcharged as a warning to others, Chelsea has been punished over the odds for actions.

Meanwhile, the US government has not investigated the abuses she exposed – while Chelsea has paid a high price for putting that information in the public realm.

Chelsea Manning, in her own words [Amnesty International]