Ohio K9 police officer and dog will be allowed to retire together

Retired Marietta Police Officer Matt Hickey thought it'd be simple to retire and take his partner, Ajax home with him. Policy said retired dogs could be bought by their handlers for $1. The wrinkle in his plan? Hickey was retiring and Ajax still had some time left to as "valuable" on community books. With the help of Marietta's mayor, and $70,000 in crowd funded donations, Ajax is going home.

Via NCB4i Colombus:

State Representative Andy Thompson told NBC affiliate WTAP-TV that the state is now working on an amendment to House Bill 60 to include a provision for police dogs and their handlers. The updated language would make it clear for future handlers to acquire the animal for one dollar upon leaving the force.

"We do really want to address this issue, no doubt about it. These animals are unique and they have a special bond with the officers that they work with, so we want to make sure we have a common sense approach that makes it easier for villages, cities and political subdivisions to resolve this issue," says Thompson.

Social media exploded this past weekend with more than $70,000 being raised via GoFundMe.com to help the pair stay together. Officer Hickey says that money will instead go to a group called Vested Interest, which helps provide bullet proof vests to K9 dogs.