Bake: Cookie Monster bark

Melt chocolate into slabs, coat with blue candy-melts, and stud with broken oreos and edible googly eyes and voila: it's as though you blenderized a thousand Cookie Monsters, rolled them flat, and baked them.

It's a suitable doom for the new One Percenter Muppet Superstar, whom HBO has reinvented as a morality player with trite warnings about overeating for the new real-estate flipping Streeters.

Some quick tips for you when making this. After you chill the chocolate layer, let it warm up a little bit. Because when we put the candy melts on top if the chocolate layer is still super cold then the candy melts will harden quickly. Making it difficult to get all our fun cookies and eyeballs on there. Also, once you’re all done and the whole thing has set, let it warm up a bit back to room temperature to make it easier to break into pieces. If it’s cold straight from the fridge it’ll be kind of difficult. Other than that, this is super easy!

Cookie Monster Bark
[Serene/House of Yumm]

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