Kickstarting Fabulous Beasts, a tabletop game that uses smartblocks

Fabulous Beasts is a new game from indie studio Sensible Object, which combines stacking/balancing (think Jenga) with smart, sensor-enabled blocks that talk to your mobile device as you play the game, creating fun and complex challenges.

Sensible Object is made up of some very accomplished game developers who came from such studios as Hide&Seek (Boardgame Remix Kit) and Wild Rumpus; they've got working prototypes and physical object production experience, making them a good risk for fulfilling pledges to backers.

They're seeking £150,000. &pound60 gets you a starter kit for the game.

Fabulous Beasts is a game for one to five players who take on the role of gods and goddesses, taking turns to add magical Artefacts onto a balancing tower.

Every time you successfully stack an Artefact, you alter the connected digital world. The aim is to make the most fabulous world you can, before your tower collapses.

Fabulous Beasts is brought to you by an experienced team of game designers, artists and engineers including Alex Fleetwood (Hide&Seek) and George Buckenham (Wild Rumpus, Panoramical). The soundtrack for the game is being created by Disasterpeace.

Fabulous Beasts – a new kind of game [Sensible Object/Kickstarter]

(Thanks, Alex!)