Stolen dog returned to heroic owner

Poor 15 year old cocker spaniel, Otis! He was stolen while walking his human down the street, off leash, in Claremont, California on Monday afternoon. Upon witnessing the dognapping, Otis' buddy Mike Heredia leapt into action, risking his life to rescue his pal. The thieves made off with Otis, but later released him in a local dog park.

Otis is back with Mike. ABC7 shared the story.

Otis, who was not on a leash, was grabbed by the suspects. That's when Heredia sprang into action.

With his body hanging out of the window, the 50-year-old was dragged more than half a block. He was rushed to the hospital.

"I got a dislocated shoulder and I have road rash from being dragged down the street on my foot, it almost went down to the bone," he said.

He said Otis is doing well and appeared to be thirsty when he got him back.