Haunted by a lack of young voter support, Hillary advertises on the AOL login screen

The Clinton campaign has struggled to win support among young voters of every description, including traditional Democratic Party voters: women, African-Americans, people of Latinamerican or Hispanic origin, etc.

Meanwhile, her septuagenarian opponent Bernie Sanders has enjoyed remarkable support from voters young enough to be his grandchildren.

The AOL Email login-screen ad bought by her campaign is either an act of monumental cluelessness about how to reach those young voters, or (more likely), it's an indication that the campaign feels the need to double-down on the older voters who constitute the bulk of Hillary Clinton supporters.

Does no one at the Clinton campaign know that AOL's mail users are predominantly people who signed up back in the days of telephone modems and software on CDs? There are probably more people who voted for Clinton in New Hampshire than there are millennials using AOL for their email in the entire country.

Hillary Reaches Base With AOL Login Page Ad
[Eric Felten/Weekly Standard]