Holy crap, Samantha Bee's Full Frontal is *awesome*

The Daily Show alumnus is the only woman on late night, doing 30 minutes (minus commercials) once a week, on politics, gender and current affairs.

Her showrunner and some of her writing staff also came off the Jon Stewart-era Daily Show, and the rest of the writers were recruited with blind applications (as is true of TDS and all the Daily Show spinoffs) in the interests of diversity, with an active outreach campaign to reach diverse writers (writers of color and LGBT writers).

The show is scorching, scathing, hilarious — everything you'd want from the next step in the evolution of Daily Show style political humor. Personally, I credit Bee's Canadianness for her brilliance — Canada's relationship to the USA is like the outcast kid on the side of the playground with no stakes in the dominance games, keenly observing them from that neutral, unnoticed perch, like an anthropologist watching chimps from behind a bluff.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee