Last chance to get Boing Boing's Maker Box from

The only thing better than getting a package in the mail is getting a package filled with awesome, DIY kits! That's why we have teamed up with Quarterly to curate their inaugural Maker Box. Think of all the awesome projects that have been featured on Boing Boing, now in a box delivered directly to you. Quarterly's Maker Box hits your doorstep once every three months and will feature a variety of projects, from tech-influenced kits to gardening. We know that everyone can be a Maker and we're excited for you to start seeing the world as your very own DIY kit.

Each package will include at least three kits, save one for each month of the quarter or do them all at once! The choice is yours. The kits will vary in theme and final product, but each kit will be hours of hands-on fun! The cost is $100 every 3 months with this first box shipping out at the end of February.

So what's going to be inside the very first Boing Boing x Quarterly Maker Box, #MKR01? Well, here's a teaser for what to expect!

When's the last time you sat down and made something with your hands? If you are a Maker, probably an hour ago. Or if you are new to making, it may have been a while ago. Or maybe you cooked a meal, drew your own art, or just finished a puzzle. There are many different types of Makers out there from hackers, tinkerers, independent inventors and traditional artisans.
Whether or not you define yourself as a Maker, you can definitely be one and this box is the perfect starter kit.

MKR01 is all about celebrating DIY in all aspects of your life. You'll receive three kits, each with a new twist on life (*Hint, hint!). And if that weren't exciting enough, there will be a puzzle included in the box. You will have to solve it in order to receive the letter from us and Quarterly! Think of it as your very own treasure hunt.

There's only a limited number of boxes available, so subscribe now, before you miss out on this fun, creative, and engaging box.