Lunatic "prosperity preacher" endorses Trump

Super creepy "Prosperity Christianity" preacher-scammer Mike Murdock is endorsing Donald Trump for president. Seems a good fit. Says Murdock, "I ain't seen a woman as good looking as a $100 dollar bill."

Bloomberg reports:

"He has a warrior spirit for restoring America in the eyes of the world and he has a warrior's heart," said Murdock, the head pastor at the Wisdom Center ministry, told Bloomberg News in an interview. "I am endorsing him for president."

Murdock, who frequently preaches about prosperity, arguing that a strong moral faith will lead to financial success for Christians, joins a handful of high-profile evangelists who have backed the billionaire candidate who's battling for supremacy in the Feb. 20 Republican primary in South Carolina. Two-thirds of Republican voters in the state describe themselves as evangelical.

"We feel as evangelicals that God is being ignored," said Murdock, who also preaches as a televangelist on multiple national and international networks and has nearly a quarter-million Twitter followers. "We feel that there's content for God in the Bible, and I believe that Mr. Trump has a heart of restoration, including restoring us economically."

[Bloomberg via Christian Nightmares]