Save 26% on the Rolo Travel Bag in the Boing Boing Store

Business or pleasure? When you’re the right kind of traveler, it’s always the latter. Staying organized helps you relax, even if you are on the road for work. If it’s a vacation, you don’t want to spend half the time searching through a messy duffle to find that last sock, and if it’s business, you definitely don’t want to dig around down there for that pair of underwear you swore you packed. For 26% off you can take a load off with this easy travel bag that makes finding your clothes and accessories a breeze. For the first time, traveling to your closet will feel like a staycation.

Everything you need fits right in here, categorized neatly among its mesh pockets and handy zippered areas. Simply untie, unfurl and hang it up anywhere to have your personal closet right there in your hotel room. All your clothes and knick nacks are right at eye level so you don’t have to scrounge around. It even acts as a portable wardrobe with the included hanger, so your shirts won’t get wrinkled. It’s just as easy on the going as the coming, because all you do is unhook again, roll up and roll out.  

Hitting up Seattle? Maine? Since this is made from waterproof nylon you’re totally cool to swing by places that might get you a little wet with rain or snow. It’s lightweight too and you can carry it by itself or clip it to a backpack and either way it won’t weigh you down. Save 26% on this travel essential today and never stress again about being away from your closet.

Get 26% Off the Rolo Travel Bag in the Boing Boing Store