Listen: podcast about the alleged "data" collected by wearable devices

Rachel "Datapunk" Kalmar is a brilliant data scientist with a background in neuroscience, connected devices, sensors, and wearables.

In a must-listen interview (MP3) with the O'Reilly Hardware podcast, Kalmar describes the (usually invalid) assumptions implicit in the fitness tracking sensors and the conclusions they generate. Kalmar describes full-stack problems with the sensors, APIs, interoperability, transparency, and analysis these yield.

In this new episode of the Hardware Podcast, David Cranor and I talk with data scientist Rachel Kalmar, formerly with Misfit Wearables and the founder and organizer of the Sensored Meetup in San Francisco. She shares insights from her work at the intersection of data, hardware, and health care.

Discussion points:

The need for a "data ecosystem" approach: it's important to understand the entire stack from acquisition through storage and analysis, and where security and privacy become concerns.

* Analysis and insight as the real value in data: consumers get very little from raw data.

* Authentication for smart devices—and an experiment (let us know if your lights went out during this podcast by e-mailing

Rachel Kalmar on data ecosystems
[O'Reilly Radar]