Boing Boing is proudly sponsored by HP's newest Color LaserJet Pro, the MFP M477!


Boing Boing is a truly distributed company. Each member of the team maintains a separate office, or lair, from which they work. Our Publisher, Jason, shares his home office with his two dogs, a cat, a lot of books, guitars, and a bunch of toys. In typical Happy Mutant style, Jason combines functional efficiency with his own offbeat aesthetic to create a space from which to publish Boing Boing.

Here are a few things that help make his office great:

Jason likes to have a lot of desk space, but physically can't sit down for extended periods. He needed a very large standup desk. They don't make them. As an aficionado of classic mid-century furnishings, he thought a mechanical Hamilton drafting table would do the trick. It did! By depressing a pedal with his foot, Jason adjusts the height of his work surface from sitting to standing and between. Swinging a lever lets him adjust the angle of the desktop from horizontal to vertical, transforming the surface into a whiteboard as needed.


Space is another huge consideration for Jason. His office is packed with musical instruments, props for various magic tricks, and a lot of books. The devices he needs to conduct business, like a printer, must be very carefully chosen. Through this course of this program, HP sent Jason an amazing new Color LaserJet, the MFP M477, to replace a seriously outdated C series inkjet.


HP's MFP M477 offered many great features that his 15 year old printer didn't have. Real wireless printing, matched with flawless scanning and email functionality, really made a difference in his workflow. With the old clunker printer, he had to relocate his laptop across the room to plug into the printer every time he wanted to print. HP's MFP M477 is made to support a small workforce, so having it in a single user home office is a dream.

Paper books are something Jason can't seem to live without, no matter how hard he tries to only buy new fiction on his Kindle. Bookshelf space has been in overflow mode for years, and no amount of discipline seems to help. Jason is currently trying to limit new paper book purchases to cookbooks and card magic books only, but his resolve often fails.

Home offices are intensely personal, and at Boing Boing we are each very particular about what we put in ours.

In the coming weeks, we'll be running a full review, by Jason, of his experiences with the HP Color LaserJet MFP M477! .