Hacker suspected in Anon raid on Boston hospital rescued at sea by Disney cruise ship, then arrested

Martin Gottesfeld and his family were rescued at sea, near Cuba, by a Disney cruise ship, then Gottesfeld was arrested by FBI agents dispatched from a Bahamian field office.

Gottesfeld is suspected of participating in an Anonymous raid on Boston Children's Hospital in 2014. The Anon raid, #OpJustina, targeted a hospital that accused the parents of Justina Pelletier, a 16 year old girl, of abusing her. Pelletier's parents fought a traumatic custody battle that found that their daughter's injuries came from a rare mitochondrial disease, not mistreatment.

Gottesfeld is accused of creating and posting the #OpJustina video, a call-to-arms that resulted in the hospital's being targets for a series of attacks.

A few weeks prior to his rescue, Mr. Gottsfeld and his wife left their Sommerville home without telling acquaintances. Family members and Mr. Gottsfeld boss informed police of their disappearance a few days later, but law enforcement did not manage to find any clues about their whereabouts.

The situation changed when a few days ago, FBI agents in the Bahamas informed their US colleagues that they've apprehended Mr. Gottsfeld after a Disney cruise ship had rescued him and his wife from a sailboat near the coast of Cuba.

The two had broadcasted a distress call asking for help. Cruise members told FBI agents that the two had a sizeable amount of luggage, along with three laptops.

Suspected Hacker Arrested After Rescue At Sea During Disney Cruise
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Anonymous Hacker Gets Lost at Sea, Is Rescued and Then Arrested
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