Point, click and blow-up your Instagram with the Lytro Gen 1 camera: now 49% off

There are incredible moments in life that you just wish you could live again over and over. Epic parties, friend reunions, gorgeous views, amazing meals, proposals, weddings, family time, high fives, leaps, action shots, you name it. And somehow, the pics you snap of those times are never quite as bright. Well don't blame the memory, blame the camera. The Lytro cameras are next-level powerful and able to transport you with a single image back to that epic snapshot in time.

The Lytro Gen 1 comes in four different colors, offers 8GB of storage, and you'll use it all once you see how bananas its images are. It captures the entire light field instead of just the position of light rays like most other cameras. That means it takes living pictures that you can later refocus, change the perspective on, and even view in 3D. Each scene records up to 11 million light rays and despite all that power it's super lightweight and compact so you can take it on the road to snap beautiful shots anywhere around the world. Get it for 49% off in the Boing Boing Store right now.


Bonus Deal: Pro Digital Photography & Photoshop Bundle

But even the best camera on earth can't make you a pro photographer. For that you'll need the digital photography and photoshop class bundle here for 96% off which will teach you to master quintessential pic techniques like exposure and landscaping. After you snap, you'll take a step by step lesson through photoshop to rocket your images from basic to baller.

Change how you see the world, and how your friends see your pictures of the world. These cameras and this set of classes will build up your life in a whole new image. Get it for 96% off in the Boing Boing Store now.