The Setup Wizard: a blog by Hogwarts' muggle IT guy

When the Hogwarts kids finally got fed up at the lack of Internet access at school, the administration caved and hired Jonathan Dart, a muggle IT guy, who needs to figure out how to get the wifi working everywhere on campus, even at the bottom of Slytherin's stupid lake (it turns out that Slytherins will help you do this if you show them how to tune in emo music on Spotify).

Dart is an affable, funny, acerbic IT worker, half Moss, half Roy, and his observations as he settles into his new gig are an awful lot of fun. He kicked off on Feb 1 and produced an extremely readable and entertaining body of work that contains vital notes on getting magic and tech to play nice together. I've subscribed!

Here are a couple of my favorite entries so far:

Open Sesame

Now, apparently it's pretty well established that muggle tech and magic don't seem to work too well together. This very quickly drew disappointment from the Headmaster, who admitted with an air of defeat that he had neglected to write down or even attempted to remember his login password because he assumed he could use Alohomora to unlock his laptop. It took some pressuring from me for him to not set the password as Alohomora, simply because half the school is already using it as theirs.

I Have the POWER

When I was first starting out in this position I had easily become the target of many pranks from the students. Did you know there is a freaking spell that glues your feet to the ground? I know.

It took all of 2 days for them to quickly realize I literally have a switch that shuts off all the wifi access to the entire school. I don't need forbidden curses. I have more power than any witch or wizard at this school could ever possibly imagine.

The Setup Wizard

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