Tell your lawmaker: approve the amazing, copyfighting, surveillance-hating new Librarian of Congress!

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "The Librarian of Congress is a pretty obscure position in our government, but they have a huge impact on our Internet freedom. They have a major say in things like fair use, DMCA implementation, phone unlocking, and online access — things that affect all of us."

As Cory wrote in yesterday's Boing Boing post, the previous Librarian of Congress was pretty terrible. But the new nominee, Carla Hayden, is pretty awesome. She's against censorship, hates surveillance, and is an actual LIBRARIAN.

The only problem is that she can only start kicking butt on the Internet's behalf if Congress approves her nomination, and we all know that's not just going to happen, given that lobby groups like the MPAA are against her.

So we at Fight for the Future put together a quick and easy page where you can contact your lawmakers and tell them to approve her. If she gets in, it will be a big win for the Internet and our basic rights. Let's do this!

The last Librarian of Congress was terrible for the Internet. But the next one could be awesome.
[Fight for the Future]