Should Cesar Millan be fed to pigs?

So-called "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan thought he had a great idea to fix a dog who had killed two pet pigs. He'd let it off the leash near a new pig, then inflict whatever pseudoscientific, domineering bullshit he does to dogs to make dogs temporarily obedient. Unfortunately, the dog immediately ran over to the pig and bit part of it its ear off before anyone could stop it.


Far from being chastened, the producers apparently used the footage to market his show, reports The Dodo:

The clip has raised a storm of controversy on social media, along with a petition to get Millan off the air permanently.

Jim Crosby, an outspoken animal behaviorist who has trained hundreds of dogs, thinks Millan may have even committed a crime under section 597 of California's criminal code.

"Even if we let the first engagement slide as an accident," he writes on Facebook, "this documents several felony counts occurring in California at the 'Dog Psychology Center' as directed and permitted by the trainer. It may also qualify as 'baiting' under the various state and federal dog and animal fighting statutes."

The original promo clip seems to have been removed; all that I could find are outraged commentaries with sinister music and such. Here's another one, also commentated but with the original audio:

Psychology Today's Mark Derr says Cesar's methods are antiquated and his fans threaten critics.

… the best learning outcome would be for National Geographic to take a stand for dogs, pigs, and other animals and remove Cesar Millan from the air until he reforms his act.

Update: Millan is being investigated over the animal cruelty claims. National Geographic has released a statement backing him, while promising to cooperate with the investigation.