The Third Electronic Literature Anthology: Unity, Javascript & Twitterbots

Mark Marino writes, "Kick your Norton Anthology to the curb, and check out the latest collection of digitally born literature. Published by the Electronic Literature Organization, the collection contains 114 works from 26 countries in 12 languages. The Electronic Literature Collection, vol. 3 offers a glimpse at just how wide the world of digital literature has become, including a diverse array of works, from Twitter bots to poem generators to Twine tales to poetic apps.

"The third collection offers a mixture of new and classic works of digital literature, including Judy Mallloy's Uncle Roger (1986). According to co-editor Anastasia Salter, 'With the ELC3, we saw an opportunity to expand the common definitions of electronic literature to embrace new frontiers in mobile, gaming, and experimental art produced by communities working outside of traditional academic and literary spaces.' The platforms vary, from Unity to HTML and JavaScript, as do the genres in this new collection, from augmented poetry to an Arabic programming language, from hacktavist poetry projects to celebrity netprovs. The collection is free and online (under a Creative Commons license) and ready for your exploration."

The Electronic Literature Collection, vol. 3 []

(Thanks, Mark!)