Haunted Mansion loot crates!

Disney has announced a series of three monthly subscription loot crates from the Haunted Mansion, released by the "Ghost Relations Department."

There are 999 crate subscriptions available (naturally) and the boxes link together to tell a story about the Haunted Mansion that you and your fellow box-subscribers have to unravel.

Disney is being very close-mouthed about what's in the boxes, but I believe that they will be full of awesome.

If you are brave or foolish enough to help the spirits, then subscribe to the Ghost Post. Beginning at the end of March 2016, the Ghost Relations Department will send you three "scare packages." You will receive one box per month, for three months.

Each box is a chapter in an unfolding story that connects you directly to the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion. In the boxes, each item will have certain hidden qualities and secrets for you to discover, and each one will become a prop in your experience – revealing a little bit more of the story.

Subscriptions are limited to the first 999 US residents.

Ghost Relations Department