Leaked memo: Donald Trump volunteers banned from critizing him, for life

The Daily Dot got a copy of the six-page, unenforceable, flaming pile of shit that Donald Trump's campaign revealed to prospective volunteers on Saturday. Even by trumpian standards, it's a conscience-shocker.

In addition to forbidding volunteers from disparaging Trump, the contract also includes a sentence that demands volunteers prevent their employees from criticizing Trump, thus making volunteers responsible for the free speech of others for an indeterminate amount of time.

"I guess he doesn't know about the First Amendment," Davida Perry, an employment lawyer in New York City, told the Daily Dot. "This is really shocking."

Non-disparagement, non-disclosure, and non-compete agreements—which are all found in Trump's contract—are common in business contracts, but they apply to employees, not volunteers who receive no compensation for their time and work.

Donald Trump's volunteer contract forbids all criticism of Trump for life

[Patrick Howell O'Neill/Daily Dot]

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