Open letter from virtually every leading UK law light: Snooper's Charter not fit for purpose

The Snooper's Charter is the mass-surveillance bill the UK government is trying to ram through Parliament. It's incredibly, irresponsibly broad -- and that's been the conclusion of every independent expert who's looked at it to date.

But now comes the most damning condemnation of all, an open letter signed by dozens of law professors and legal experts, from across the UK, declaring that the law "fails to meet international standards for surveillance powers" and is "not fit for purpose."

These are international standards found in judgments of the European court of justice and the European court of human rights, and in the recent opinion of the UN special rapporteur for the right to privacy. At present the bill fails to meet these standards – the law is unfit for purpose.

If the law is not fit for purpose, unnecessary and expensive litigation will follow, and further reform will be required. We urge members of the Commons and the Lords to ensure that the future investigatory powers legislation meets these international standards. Such a law could lead the world.

Investigatory powers bill not up to the task [The Guardian]

(via Snowden)

(Image: Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, UK, Chatham House, CC-BY)

Notable Replies

  1. And yet the opposition are going to abstain on the vote, apparently.

  2. miasm says:

    GCHQ already pwns the networks over here, the politicians propbably think of the charter as merely a formalisation of inescapable reality and their sacred duty.

    I'm sure they're all used to the idea that if there are any problems with litigation they can just whisper 'terrorism' and hide the problem in a secret court.

  3. Did, already. Labour and SNP anyway. LD and Greens opposed, I think.

    Passed by 266 votes.

    Fuck abstaining. If Labour are in favour, they should have put their money where their mouth was and voted in favour. This is a pathetic excuse for 'opposition'.

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