First order of business for hard-right government: canceling Croatia's answer to The Daily Show

Marko Rakar writes, "The TV show 'Montirani Proces' is a popular show very much like "The Daily Show" and the crew which creates it is very much like The Onion. They have produced six episodes of their show for Croatian National Television, seventh was supposed to air this Sunday."

"At the same time Social Democrat led government was replaced in late January and just a week ago, new hard line right government replaced head of Croatian National Television and new general manager replaced just about all program directors as well as editors, 'Montirani Proces' is the first TV show to be canceled under the new management"

"The TV show was formally canceled with explanation that show promotes religious intolerance, which is quite strange since for example our new Minister of Culture openly questions if the right side won World War II (and there are many other intolerance examples of new government).
Sadly, new Croatian leadership is moving entire country to the right, using very similar scenario we have seen in other South European countries like Hungary or Serbia."

Croatia TV Axes Satirical Show for 'Intolerance'
[Sven Milekic/Balkan Insight]