Man arrested for egging 85-year-old neighbor's house over 100 times

Jason E. Kozan, 30, was charged by police in Euclid, Ohio with vandalizing his 85-year-old neighbor's house more than 100 times by pelting it with eggs.

From an earlier article before Kozan was arrested:

Investigators have taken several different approaches to nabbing the eggers, including installing a surveillance camera on the house.

Detectives even collected some eggshell samples and tested them in a crime lab. The eggs were traced back to a local Amish farm, but the trail ended there.

Clemens says the culprits either have access to a large supply of eggs or are stealing them from businesses that throw them out when they go bad. Detectives have followed this thread, visiting local restaurants and businesses asking about missing eggs.

They've also tried collecting fingerprints from eggshells, but Houser said that's an impossible task. When an egg breaks, it releases proteins that destroy DNA.

Officers have gone door to door questioning neighbors and handing out fliers. Nobody has come forward with any tips.

"The person or people who are doing it have remained very tight-lipped apparently," Houser said. "I would imagine it would be hard to keep a secret of something that had been done hundreds of times and for nobody to step forward to talk about it."

The guilty parties don't appear to be intimidated by police interest in the case. An officer last year was taking a report when a barrage of eggs was launched at the house. One hit him in the foot.

Houser said he's never seen this level of vandalism in his 20 years of police work. It's frustrated the whole department, which has dedicated hundreds of hours toward solving the egging mystery.

The judge set Kozan's bond at $2,000