Apple releases iOS 9.3, with fix for a big iMessage security flaw

As part of its big iPhone/iPad launch event today in Cupertino, Apple also released a software update that fixes a flaw which made it possible for iCloud-stored images or video sent via iMessage to be decrypted by third parties. Today's iOS update also adds a number of cool new features.

Zack Whittaker at ZDNet writes, "The research team which found the flaw, led by cryptography expert Matthew Green, were able to brute force techniques using custom-built software to unscramble cloud-stored content."

And I'm really excited about their f.lux-like feature, long awaited and much appreciated by insomniacs like me:

A new feature, dubbed Night Shift, adjusts the device's light exposure based on the time of day. Using your iPhone or iPad's clock and geolocation, the light shifts towards a warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier for the user's eyes to adjust for sleep.

Apple releases iOS 9.3, fixing a major iMessage security flaw