NYT: If you see weird text on a computer screen, might be terrorist encryption software

From a March 19, 2016 New York Times article:

One of the terrorists pulled out a laptop, propping it open against the wall, said the 40-year-old woman. When the laptop powered on, she saw a line of gibberish across the screen: "It was bizarre — he was looking at a bunch of lines, like lines of code. There was no image, no Internet," she said. Her description matches the look of certain encryption software, which ISIS claims to have used during the Paris attacks.

To summarize, if you see something on someone's computer screen that fits the description below, the person with the computer could be an ISIS terrorist!

  1. It looks like "a line of gibberish across the screen."
  2. It's "a bunch of lines, like lines of code."
  3. There's "no image."
  4. There's "no Internet."

It's good to know the spirit of Judith Miller lives on at the Times!