Gus Harper and Isaac Rodriquez collaborate on 'Soft Against the Ages'

Artist, and Boing Boing pal, Gus Harper continues to create beautiful things. This collaboration with videographer Isaac Rodriquez is lovely. Gus has been experimenting with body painting.

Gus had this to say about the project:

It's a collaborative piece with me as the artist and professional cameraman Isaac Rodriquez as the videographer. We had this as a video installation at the last show. It was a big hit. The models are mostly body painted in front of my backdrops. It was just a way of documenting my body painting by capturing the ephemeral body art on film. The title comes from the fact that there is a lot of copper in the imagery. It made a port friend of my think about the iron age, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age… How through all this roughness there is always been the soft beauty of femininity.