Kickstarting the next Girl Genius collection

Phil Foglio, co-creator of the amazing Girl Genius comics, writes, "We are Kickstarting our latest Girl Genius collection; City of Lightning through April 12."

"In this volume, we take Agatha to Paris, and begin to explore the complicated subterranean civilizations that honeycomb the earth beneath Europa. As always, we deal with assorted scientific ethical and philosophical conundrums regarding the nature of artificial intelligence, the impact of sudden technological advances upon established Geo-political structures, ramifications of endowing animals with human intelligence, and the unintended consequences of unsupervised bio-weapons. Plus, it's funny."

They always are, and the Foglios always deliver on their kickstarters, making this a sure bet.

The City of Lightning: a Girl Genius Graphic Novel [Kaja and Phil Foglio/Kickstarter]