Lodge's single burner, reversible cast iron griddle

In my kitchen, or in my camper, this single burner cast iron griddle is a huge boon. Recommended by a friend when I complained about clean up when cooking for one, this griddle is pretty sweet.

The things I love about cast iron are many, and easy of clean up is probably at the very top of the list. I have quite a few cleaning tools for my collection of cast iron cookware, but none are as simple as using rock salt. This pre-seasoned griddle has rounded corners and the area between the bars on the grill side leave plenty of room rub the pan down with a simple paper towel and salt.

Not only is this griddle easy to clean, its pretty easy to cook on. The size of the platter roughly covers one burner perfectly on my home stove. It is a little larger than the burner in my VW Westy. The grill side is excellent for burgers and steaks, and with the use of a simple pot holder can be easily transferred into a pre-heated oven for finishing. The griddle side is a griddle, and simply will allow me to carry one less frying pan in my camping kit.

I've only had this griddle/grill for a week or two, but the pre-seasoning the Lodge applied works pretty well. It isn't as great as a well used pan, but it'll get there. The surface is fairly non-stick, right out of the box.

Lodge LSRG3 Single-Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle, 10.5-inch via Amazon

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