Two trucks spill beer and chips all over highway in The Most Florida Accident Ever

Sure hope this isn't a stealth viral ad campaign. On Florida's Interstate 95 today, one truck carrying beer and another truck carrying Frito-Lay chips crashed and littered the highway with the state's official meal: alcohol and bagged snack foods with a side of sad, hopeless destruction.

Drivers of the semi-tractor trailer and box truck involved were not seriously injured, according to first responders. The Wednesday crash shut down I-95 southbound lanes for close to four hours.

From local Orlando TV News channel 13

The crash happened sometime around 3 a.m. Wednesday near Melbourne. The southbound lanes of I-95 were shut down for hours while crews cleaned up crushed potato chips and smashed beer cans.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a Frito Lay truck stalled, so the driver, identified as Zachary Basinger, pulled over to the right shoulder.

Troopers said Roberto Rodriquez was driving a semi-truck carrying Busch beer and attempted to move to the center. Another vehicle prevented him from doing so, and he swerved back into the right lane, hitting the Frito Lay truck.

The crash caused the Frito Lay truck to overturn. The beer truck was cut open, sending dozens of beer cans onto the interstate.

More coverage at the Orlando Sentinel.


[News 13 Orlando via FB]