I can't stop playing with this cheap, no-contact, IR thermometer

How hot is that steak? How hot is the grill it is sitting on? Is my bedroom heater vent actually warmer than the bathroom, just one a few feet away? These and many, many more mundane questions are being answered by this $12 IR thermometer.

What started out as an easy way to deal with a stuck thermometer on my grill has become an addiction. How warm is Nemo's nose? Is that mug of tea across the room still warm enough to drink? Does my Kindle get warm if left on? Does raccoon in the driveway have a fever?

Point the red dot at something, the read out on the back of this AAA powered, pistol inspired thermometer tells you how hot, or not, something is. You can turn that laser pointer on or off. You can also switch the readout from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and back, with the touch of a button. It does exactly what I needed, and has become a fun toy.

My cat, Heart, also enjoys the laser pointer. Thermometer says the spot he just vacated, seconds ago, on my chair is around 101F.

FOSHAN MINGZE Digital IR Infrared Thermometer,Non-contact LCD Instant Read Thermometer via Amazon