Disposable Pilot Varsity fountain pens

I love fountain pens, but handing one to a kid seemed like a bad idea. These simple, disposable Pilot Varsity pens are a pleasure.

I bought this pack of five Pilot pens to let my kid see what writing with a fountain pen was like. I was surprised with how nice they write, and have ended up carrying them around as a daily use pen I won't mind losing. Losing an expensive fountain pen is a nightmare. The time spent searching in the car, under seats, in my pockets, and backpacks for a missing pen drives me batty.

The line is very fine, and there is little to no flex in the nib. The ink flows well, and dries fast. Neither I nor my daughter have ink all over our hands.

I still write with pens from my "permanent collection," but these disposables make life a bit easier.

Pack of 5 Pilot Varsity Fountain pens via Amazon