Bernie Sanders' South Bronx rally, featuring Rosario Dawson, Spike Lee, and Residente

This is a damned inspiring way to spend 90 minutes; Dawson's speech is a hell of a barn-burner that makes the connection between anti-establishment movements on the right and left (and points out they key difference: Trump will go to the White House to say, 'You're fired!' and Bernie will take office to say 'You're hired!'), Spike Lee makes an impassioned plea for people to talk to their parents about Clinton's actual track record on social justice issues, and Residente minces no words about someone who lauds Kissinger, the architect of Latin American genocide, as a foreign policy inspiration.

Sanders himself is himself, but only moreso — his stump more genuine and his commitment fiercer with every appearance.

Unfortunately, C-SPAN has the world's shittiest video-sharing, otherwise I'd embed this here.

Senator Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in South Bronx [C-Span]

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