Freshman Missouri Rep almost made it 3 months before introducing bill urging members to say "fiscal," not "physical"

Rep. Tracy McCreery [D] had served in the Missouri house of reps for nearly a whole quarter before she introduced H.R. 1220, which urges her fellow lawmakers to stop pronouncing "fiscal," as "physical."

As she says, it's an important word in state lawmaking, and it would be nice if they all said it right. She says she has no plans to introduce legislation regarding the "Missou-ree" vs. "Missou-rah" issue.

"I made it almost an entire quarter," she said, "which I think shows great restraint."

The "fiscal"/"physical" mispronunciations, which would happen during budget discussions, weren't a rare occurrence, said McCreery, who represents District 88, in the St. Louis suburbs.

She noticed it a lot — clear and obvious pronunciation violations.

"I thought, you know, there are a lot of different ways to approach things like this," she said, "and I thought it would be best just to sort of have fun with it rather than sitting there cringing every time I hear a word like that mispronounced."

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Hero lawmaker urges colleagues to stop saying 'physical' when they mean 'fiscal'
[Sarah Larimer/Washington Post]

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