Crusade against Cthulhu

Robert Altbauer created this series of illustrations depicting crusaders meeting the HP Lovecraft's monsters, annotated in medieval Middle High German.

The Crusades and Lovecraft's Monsters [Robert Altbauer/Artstation]

(via JWZ)

Notable Replies

  1. Flying Devils: "This brain is delicious. Care for some?"

    Priests: "No thanks. Um...we already ate. You go ahead."

  2. mrtut says:

    Lübeck is a top contender

    Dark secrets and murky gene pools even sounds like Die Buddenbrooks. Die Buddenbrooks, die.

  3. That Old One in the header image is straight out of Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials.

  4. At the mountain of madness, shadow over innsmouth and shadow out of time are a great start.

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