Donovan magically on tour again

Rock and roll legend Donovan is on tour again. He celebrates his 70th birthday this May and has announced plans to tour Europe, continuing to spread his message of peace, and love.

Snip from the Bangkok Post:

The sixties ended nearly half a century ago but its utopian dreams of a better world burn on in the man who penned such psychedelic hits as "Mellow Yellow" and "Sunshine Superman".

At nearly 70, Donovan is on the road again, playing to audiences across Europe in what he calls his "Retrospective" tour.

Sitting on stage crossed legged on a pile of sheepskins with just his acoustic guitar, it is as if flower power had never ended.

"After the concerts people say, 'But he's 70. How can he sit for two hours like that?'"

It is all the more remarkable when you consider that he spent his childhood battling polio.

"There's a secret," said Donovan with an impish twinkle in his eye.

That secret is the transcendental meditation and other Eastern spiritual techniques Donovan learned in India at the feet of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

It was Donovan who introduced The Beatles and the Beach Boys to the guru. And like the surviving Beatles, he is still a believer.