Garden: XKCD's latest maddening, relaxing webtoy

The latest XKCD is Garden, a webtoy that invites you to position lamps, adjust their spectrum and focus, and wait while your garden grows.

People who are better at gardening than I am have started to post their gardens online, and each garden gets a unique URL that lets you share it with friends.

Because this is XKCD, I think we can expect that something miraculous will happen when you garden long enough, or well enough, or with enough other people. Clues may be had in Thing Explainer, Randall Munroe's book of science diagrams and explanations that confine themselves to English's 1000 most common words, which has an entry about gardens that's reproduced under the strip.

Garden [XKCD]

(Image: , xyzed123, Imgur)