Exclusive: sneak peek at Al Jaffee's new MAD Fold-In

The back cover of MAD #539 features a Fold-In by newcomer Al Jaffee, who has only been cartooning for 73 years (61 with MAD). He shows promise, and I hope Mr. Jaffee (who turned 95 in March) enjoys a long career with the magazine.

The editors of MAD kindly gave Boing Boing dibs on being first to reveal the Fold-In, below:

MAD 539 Flint Fold-in Open

MAD 539 Flint Fold-in Folded

And here's the cover, by fan favorite MAD artist, Tom Richmond:

MAD 539 Cover Coloring Book

This issue will be available on digital April 8 and on newsstands April 19. Subscribe here!

(In 2011, Ruben Bolling and I interviewed Al Jaffee on Gweek.)