Congresscritters spend 4 hours/day on the phone, begging for money

John Oliver is, as always, a flamethrower crisping the Shield of Boringness that protects a corrupt, terrible system: this time, it's Congressional fundraising, which sends our elected reps off-site for four hours a day to a cubicle-filled call-center where they strap on a headset and wheedle strangers for money, and, on every third day, sends them to DC restaurants to host rubber-chicken fundraiser dinners.

Oliver, along with Samantha Bee and the Reply All podcast, is overturning the received wisdom on what kinds of subjects Americans will sit still for in their news programming. By taking the Jon Stewart method to the next level, they're conducting an exercise in civil education that is our best hope for reversing the decades of paralysis caused by the deliberate complexification of evil by its perpetrators, who know that they can get away with anything, if it is sufficiently dull.

See, for example, the financial crisis.