John Oliver versus credit-reporting and background checks

1 in 20 credit reports contains grave errors that seriously harm the people whom the reporting bureaus are libeling; the credit reporting industry -- which controls access to rental accommodation, employment, and loans -- says this is proof that the system is working, because they're only ruining the lives of 10,000,000 people.

John Oliver does his usual, excellent job of taking an abstract, technical subject and exposing the manifestly fucked up, outrageous, criminal shit hiding behind its Shield of Boringness, and by the time he's done, you'll want to get your torch and pitchfork, especially when it comes to the even-less-regulated, even-more-upfucked background check industry.

As always, the Oliver method includes a sting in the tail: be sure to watch right to the end to see the sweet revenge Oliver and co exact from the credit reporting cowboys.