Shop for a VPN that fits your needs

You know you need a VPN. These days, that's a given. Guarding your online information and activities from the avalanche of forces that could do you cyber-harm is as essential as knowing where to find your computer's power button.

For the uninitiated, VPNs (virtual private networks) log you into that provider's dedicated server network and reroutes all your online actions, providing a protected tunnel for all your internet traffic. This shields your IP address and critical connection information from thieves who might use that data to hack your system or from the prying eyes of anyone who may want to know where you've been or what you've been doing across the internet.

And in case you haven't noticed, there are a ton of VPN service options available. In most cases, however, it's virtually impossible to distinguish one of these providers from another if you don't know what to look for. So who's got the most bang for your buck?  We've assembled this quick reference guide to some of the best VPN deals on the web today…so you've got no excuse not to button up your online security right now.

Private Internet Access

Regular Price:  $166 for a two-year subscription

THE DEAL:  $59.95 (63% Off)

Top Feature:  No logs, high-strength encryption

Private Internet Access is one of the leaders in the crowded VPN field…with good reason.  PIA has made their name on a privacy-first philosophy, touting they keep absolutely no logs of any user's online activity. Stack that on top of their advanced encryption methods and their vast 3,300-server, 31-region international network of servers and it's easy to see why a two-year subscription at 63% off is an amazingly attractive offer.


Regular Price:  $250 for a five-year subscription

THE DEAL:  $25 (90% Off)

Top Feature:  Easy to use interface

VPNs can be tricky to configure…which is why ZenVPN gets big points for its ease of use. ZenVPN users can simply download the program, run it and you're basically up and protected — with zero configuration hassle. ZenVPN also sports interruption-free operation and top-notch connectivity over its 32-location global network. And at $5 a year for the next five years, it's crazy affordable as well.


Regular Price:  $375 for a premium lifetime subscription

THE DEAL:  $39 (89% Off)

Top Feature:  Great price; Unlimited bandwidth

For many VPNs, the benefits of offering iron-clad security are negated by the cripplingly slow connection speeds that come with them. If your connection is barely faster than your Commodore 64 days, what's the point? That's why proXPN provides users with unlimited bandwidth across their global network, assuring fast speeds and minimal slowdowns to interfere with your activities. At 89% off its regular price, $39 is another super-attractive price for the term of the deal.


Regular Price:  $88 for a lifetime subscription

THE DEAL:  $25 (71% Off)

Top Feature:  Great price

With VPNGhost, you're three simple steps away from completely anonymous online activity.  VPNGhost users get blazing fast 1 Gbps uplink connections, support for OpenVPN protocols, safety in public hotspot — and an even lower, super-low all-inclusive subscription price of just $25. That's a number that's hard to beat with being flat-out free.


Regular Price:  $855 for a lifetime subscription

THE DEAL:  $59 (93% Off)

Top Feature:  Streaming capabilities…no matter where you are

Nothing is a bigger bandwidth hog than streaming video…so the service that practically trumpets video on demand in its very name better be up to the task.  Fortunately, Getflix fits the bill, offering over 50 VPN nodes, simple Smart DNS technology and international geo-locking capabilities that'll open up the program vaults of more than 100 streaming channels around the world.  At $59, Getflix is a solid choice for any VPN shopper with a serious love for online video viewing.