Burger King workers keep smashing the windows because hoax callers tell them to

A string of hoax calls to Burger King restaurants had employees smash windows to prevent the premises from "exploding," and the fast-food chain is having to buy a lot of glass as a result.

To the frantic manager of a Coon Rapids Burger King Friday night, the choice was to act fast or face disaster.

A caller who said he was a fire department official said there was a gas leak in the building and that unless the windows were smashed, a gas buildup in the building would cause an explosion. So the manager and Burger King employees evacuated the restaurant and started smashing ground floor windows. Every single one.

Problem was, it was a hoax. The caller was no firefighter. There was no gas. …

YouTube has at least a couple videos posted showing employees of other Burger Kings doing the same thing. Sites in Oklahoma City and Morro Bay, Calif., have also been hit by the hoax, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damage.