The worst gadget ever supplies mains power over USB

We've written often about how dreadful and dangerous cheapo third-party power supplies and adapters get, but the Swees QY08-05010 hub takes the cake: it supplies full mains power over USB. Clive Mitchell writes:

"Although I've come across some really dodgy power supplies with poor insulation between the mains and low voltage sides, this is the first one where the USB ports have carried full mains current. (via a rectifier)

It's a Swees QY08-05010 with this model and style carrying various other branding as well. Oddly it does appear to be relatively sensibly designed inside, but this one has a serious manufacturing fault that suggests others from the same run may also pose a risk of serious electric shock."


In the UK, that's what, 240 volts at 900 milliamps, if you fancy yer chances? Come for the horror, stay for Mitchell's wonderful technical review! Sadly, the Amazon product page for the Swees 5-port model has been taken down. If you're feeling lucky, though, you can always see how quickly their portable battery pack charges your fingers. (Update: don't)