Watch a 60,000 psi water jet cut gadgets in half

The Omax Abrasive Waterjet cuts the hell out of things at 180 inches per minute and can be financed at 3.95% APR. They've got plenty of videos of their machines in action on various metals and such, but the unoffical YouTube channel Cut In Half is much more fun.

Here's a laptop being cut in half:

And here's an Airsoft pistol being cut in half:

Check out this geode, being cut in half:

The company's FAQ is fascinating.

Why aren't cuts made at even higher pressures?

While it is technically possible to make equipment that can achieve pressures beyond 100,000 psi, there are fatigue limits to consider. This limits the practical range of pressures to be below 60,000 psi (414,000 kPa). Anything higher, and reliability drops very fast. For this reason, OMAX pumps all operate at below 60,000 psi (414,000 kPa).