Ohio newspaper chain owner says his papers don't publish articles about LGBTQ people

When Dale Grimm, owner of four Ohio papers — the New Carlisle News, the Enon Eagle, the Tippecanoe Gazette, and the Troy Tribune — was queried on Facebook by high-school students about why some of their student assignment articles were published in his papers, but the ones about the school's Gay-Straight Alliance and a trans student weren't, the proprietor answered, "We do not print articles of that nature."

They're his papers and he's entitled to set his editorial policy (free speech is not compelled publication), but that doesn't make it OK, it just makes it legal. The policy is a terrible one that his readers should know about.

I find it disturbing that in these small towns, one of the newspaper publishers (and in some cases, the only local newspaper publisher) refuses to print articles about LGBT people at all. And then is small and petty enough to get on Facebook to rub a sixteen year old high school student's nose in it.

I don't know what, exactly, to do.

The Owner of Four Town Papers In Ohio Refuses to Publish News About LGBT Students, Castigates High School Student on Facebook
[Steven Saus/Ideatrash]

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