This heavy machine only juices citrus, and I love it

A few years back, on a whim, I bought a Breville citrus juicer. This monstrous, stainless-steel, $200 boat anchor takes up a ton of space, weighs more than I really want to move around, and is an absolutely meditative pleasure to use!

Every weekend I buy a 10 pound bag of oranges. I then move this 10 pound juicer from the pantry to the counter top, and spend 30-45 minutes slicing oranges in half and juicing them. You put the half orb on the juicing element, and crush it in the press. When the press is shut, the juicing element will begin to turn and wring nearly every last drop out of the orange, lemon or grapefruit half. The turning element is also important, it whips up the pulp-y mass that gathers and allow it to drain.

There are several different sized pulp baskets. My daughter prefers the least pulp-y of them all, and I do too, it still lets an awful lot through. The juice tastes amazing.

I find it pretty mellow to stand there and just squash a bunch of oranges. I tend to get enough juice to get my daughter and I through a week. Sometimes I listen to a podcast, other times just the whirring of the motor.


Make sure you have space in your kitchen, or someplace to store this juicer. If you are going to put it down low, know that it is heavy and an odd shape to be picking up. I use the 8-year-old to get it from ground level to around 3 feet of elevation. Insanely, I have this AND a juicer for other stuff like carrots, kale and apples! That one comes out when its time to liquify the leftovers from my CSA.

Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press via Amazon