Brand New Congress: 535 progressive candidates, 1 ticket

Some of the technology activists who were key to the Dean, Obama and Sanders campaign have a new, audacious program: they're going to run 535 bipartisan candidates for office in the 2016 election, backed by a single website for fundraising, grassroots organizing and messages, based on Bernie Sanders' political platform.

A recurring criticism of Sanders' platform is that without a Congress and state-level governments to support him, President Sanders would just be one voice (albeit a powerful one). This hasn't escaped the attention of activists who worked on the campaign. With Brand New Congress, progressives will have the chance to work together, across the country, in solidarity, to replace the incumbents who owe their jobs to the rich and powerful with new entrants who owe their jobs to the people and have sworn to fight for "a unified economic, social justice, and climate change platform."

We will make announcements prior to this when we reach 10 and 100 candidates, fueling our volunteer base and donations each time.

Our candidates will be working people from many backgrounds and fields who:

Are good at what they do.

Are proven servants to their communities, families, friends.

Have consistently passed on opportunities to sell out.

In general, have never held or sought public office.

Agree completely on a unified economic, social justice, and climate change platform.

Brand New Congress