Jumpstart your career with our Ultimate SQL Bootcamp and save 87%

Unless you're a programmer or webmaster, the term SQL probably doesn't mean much to you. But for those looking to understand more about how and why the web works the way that it does, know this – SQL and its process of managing and presenting large data sets is everywhere…and it's the most in-demand programming skill there is today.

For those looking to get a leg up in the race for hugely competitive web development jobs, you couldn't find a better place to start when by devouring this Ultimate SQL Bootcamp program, now just $49 in the Boing Boing Store.

You'll get access to nine courses that'll make you as familiar with SQL and all its implications as the back of your hand.  


  • A SQL Server, ASP.NET, CSS, C# & jQuery Course: Programmers can't live on SQL alone…find out how SQL syncs with CSS, jQuery, C# and others to boost your coding power.
  • SQL Database for Beginners:  Understand the philosophies behind SQL, including the right ways to set up a database, manage its relationships and craft queries to get the data you want.
  • SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database:  MySQL and PostgreSQL are two of the most important SQL programs around — learn them here as well as how they can take your databases to the next level.
  • From 0 To 1: Heavy Lifting with SQL & Databases:  When the right time to roll out SQL? Find out here as you take a deep dive into joins, aggregate operators, database interfacing and more.
  • Learn Beginner PHP & MySQL the Easy Way:  You'll design a database using MySQL and PHP as you control access, create users, backup your data and monitor its performance.
  • An Introduction to MySQL Database Development:  Follow a practical, hands-on course that shows you ways to manipulate your data to find and present what you want.
  • SQL for Marketers:  Managing data is critical for marketers…so discover the specific ways SQL can help boost a marketer's bottom line.
  • SQL Database MasterClass: Go from Pupil to Master:  SQL mastery is boiled down to this one master course, covering everything you need to know to score that SQL programming job.
  • Complete WAMP & MySQL Course:  WAMP brings together the benefits of Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP into the creation of super-fast, super-reliable databases.

This kind of immersive SQL experience would normally cost north of $400, so jump on this 87% off discount now and begin planning for your next big gig.